David McGlone david at dmcentral.net
Sun Jul 19 21:58:00 UTC 2009

On Sunday 19 July 2009 03:25:30 pm Tony Sivori wrote:
> Steven Vollom wrote:
> > I have a bug in my computer related to JavaScript.
> This doesn't directly address your question, but you might consider trying
> it anyway.
> Turn off all Java, JavaScript, animations and plugins in Konqueror. The
> web will be a much nicer place for it.
> Then install and use Firefox for any must have sites that you may frequent
> that will not function without Java, JS, Flash, etc.
> The above method works very well for me. I do 95% of my browsing with
> Konqueror, and use Firefox only when necessary. You never even have to
> copy and paste a URL, because installing Firefox adds a "Open with Firefox
> Web Browser" to the Konqueror Location menu. So with two clicks in
> Konqueror you can open any page in Firefox.

No offense, but this is ridiculous. It's both inconvenient and annoying to try 
and figure out which browser to use for which sites.

I use Firefox, with all the extensions installed, and I only use konqueror for 

David M.

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