Konqueror and Kmail

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at sbcglobal.net
Thu Jul 16 22:03:30 UTC 2009

On Thursday 16 July 2009 03:13:16 pm Nils Kassube wrote:
> Steven Vollom wrote:
> > Since the last updates that included 8 for Jaunty rc kde 4.2.2, both
> > have gotten buggy.  Is that same for anyone else, or do I need to
> > submit a bug report?
> Can you be a bit more specific? What do you mean with "buggy"? And it is
> no longer "Jaunty rc", Jaunty was released nearly 2 months ago and even
> if you started with rc you have the release version now.
> Nils
Sometimes Konquerer opens frozen with a transparent, all white surface with 
nothing more than Konqueror written at the top.  What is the proper term for 
the bar at the top of an open application that says what the application is 
and has the close, resize window, and move to panel buttons?  If I have to 
repeat the term again in the email, I will call it a 'title bar'.  The entire 
computer is frozen, too.  No other open apps respond to the mouse.

Additionally, and right now, with kmail open there is a video fault that looks 
like this 'II-' where the '-' sign is not in the middle of the character but 
at the top.  They are on the desktop, not the kmail window that I am in right 
now.  The temperature widget on the desktop has abut a 1x1 square inch gray 
box on the right half of the widget.  The left half has the temperature @ 104F 
in a similar but darker gray with black font.  The top one third of the left 
half of the temperature widget has about 16 point numbers that say '03.12 pr' 
where the tail at the bottom of the p is shaved off.

Kmail is working OK at the moment but shows similar crashing properties once 
in a while and the gray 1x1 inch rectangles appear, sometimes more than one 
and cover print.  They also are the gray color.

Right now, the network widget has several series of three 'III' about 1/4 inch 
tall on the upper part of the widget, from midpoint down there a series of 
'III' that change from 1/2 inch in length to 1inch in length intermittently, 
Additionally the 1/2 inch 'III' at the top change in intensity to three 
different levels from time to time, like the pulse of a heart. intensity 
changing to three different levels at a time.

The anomalies were present and showing when I wrote them, excepting the 
Konqueror comment.

Nils, I am not sure I do the Bug report properly.  I am sure that I don't 
understand the reply I get when they send me a notice about any bug reports I 
am a part of.  I do not know if I should respond or do anything in response to 
the reports or why they have sent the notice.  What do these notices mean, 
that they are still working them, or they have solved them, what?


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