ATI has three employees working on FOSS Linux drivers

Gene Heskett gene.heskett at
Wed Jul 15 19:57:29 UTC 2009

On Wednesday 15 July 2009, Myriam Schweingruber wrote:
>Hi Dotan,
>On Wed, Jul 15, 2009 at 17:34, Dotan Cohen<dotancohen at> wrote:
>> This is why I buy ATI video and not Nvidia:
>> Support the companies who support Linux. Buy ATI.
>If only... since they laid off half of their driver developers earlier
>this year and removed half of their cards from the current driver,
>this is hardly a company I can support right now. Still no running
>fglrx driver for the HD 3650 series, and this was one of the most sold
>cards in Thinkpads... so much for caring for their Linux customers :(

I'll give a hearty 10-4 to that.  I was promised, a year ago now, that we 
would have 3d drivers for my HD2400 Pro.  By November 2008. radeonhd-1.2.5 is 
better, but really?  glxgears at 260 fps.  Blanking going crazy? Sheesh.

I get the impression Alex D. can only work on it during a 30 minute lunch 
break.  That stuff you can usually find on the ground, still warm and 
fragrant, behind the male of the bovine specie.

Cheers, Gene
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