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Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Tue Jul 14 17:43:08 UTC 2009

> > It's easier for some of the "gurus" [ I _DO_ respect all you guys for
> > your knowledge and skill ] on the list to just spout out command lines
> > without thinking of the weapon they are handing the end user.
> Then don't give people cars, either.  They might kill someone.
> The command line is not a "weapon".  It's a tool like any other.  Treat
> it as such.

GOD gives HIS Holy Spirit to rookie Christians, all they have to do is apply 
or use it.  And to me, that is like giving a 6 year old a 44 magnum by 
comparison.  No the cli is not to sophisticated and powerful, just difficult to 
learn with so many experts with mixed opinions.

Ask yourself this one thing before you lobby for what I am hearing.  Would you 
want your operating system to eliminate all shells, Konsoles, terminals 
applications from your computer, now that you know how to use them?  If not 
don't vote for that result.

I am probably one of those you are talking about, and I just love the fact 
that most important tasks I need to do, I do using the cli.  I like the gui 
only when I don't have an accurate package name to start from, and even that 
is sometimes intuitive with the action of the computer, just like not having 
to finish typing a command that is obvious to the computer

> > One of the biggest fears most of the Windows users I talk to about
> > Linux is that you have to use that command line stuff to do anything.

That was me, just a while back.  But long before I learned how to move in 
Linux with any success, I formatted and removed XP.  One reason was I was 
enjoying the cli, another reason, I just didn't want to remain that lazy and 

Is what I have done, interfered with this post.  I forget what you call it.  
If so please say so.  I don't want to be guilty of that, but I must know when 
I am contributing to a post as opposed top interfering with it.  Thanks!


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