Adequate terminal alternatives for update manager.

steven vollom stevenvollom at
Fri Jul 10 01:38:52 UTC 2009

On Thursday 09 July 2009 02:29:18 pm John DeCarlo wrote:
> On Thu, Jul 9, 2009 at 10:33 AM, Bas Roufs <basroufs at> wrote:
> > sudo apt-get update
> > sudo apt-get upgrade.
> >
> > But even these two unix commands did not solve all my update and
> > upgrade problems today. So, I checked out a recent thread on this
> > issue at the general Ubuntu list. There I found 2 other Unix terminal
> > commands that are new to me:
> >
> > sudo aptitude update
> > sudo aptitude safe-upgrade
> >
> > By means of these 2 commands I managed to handle ALL the updates
> > effectively. That's why, I want to share them with you at this forum.
> 1.  Aptitude is a much better application than regular apt-get (and
> related).  I don't know why it isn't the default, probably a political
> issue (like why Debian and Ubuntu make changes to Firefox).
> 2.  I thought the "update" command was deprecated for all apt programs.  I
> am surprised that apt-get still accepts the "update" command.  I wonder why
> that is.
I installed aptitude and still couldn't get it to work.


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