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steven vollom stevenvollom at
Fri Jul 10 00:03:12 UTC 2009

On Thursday 09 July 2009 03:10:36 pm Johnny Ernst Nielsen wrote:
> Greetings Steven.
> Torsdag den 9. juli 2009 kvad steven vollom:
> > I just attempted to use my Print Screen Key.  I has worked fine in
> > the past using Jaunty rc kde 64bit.  Nothing happens when I press
> > the key on the keyboard.  Has this changed?  Is there a way to use
> > the feature without using the keyboard key?  Thanks!
> Press Alt+F2 and run ksnapshot.
> If you want ksnapshot to start by pressing the Print Screen key you
> can set it up like this:
> Right click the K menu button.
> Choose to edit the menu.
> Select ksnapshot under the Graphics section.
> In the Advanced tab, you can assign whatever key you like to use to
> start ksnapshot.

I am right here in my attempt to get the PrtSc key to work loading ksnapshot.  
There is a place called Work path: is that where I would type the path, and if 
so, what would the proper path be?  Or do I modify the current shortcut Key:  
Currently it reads None, but when I click on it it reads Input...  If that is 
not possible, can I make it so that Print Screen is it's title.  I just can't 
remember ksnapshot.  Every time I try to remember I have to do a Google 
search.  Print Key or Print Screen or Screen Print are the names that come to 
mind when I need the tool.  Easiest, of course, is to have the keyboard key 
that was made for it work.  I have had this key function even with Jaunty rc.  
What possible reason would they have to make it so the key that was 
manufactured for it not work?

Actually I have always been able to find the appropriate application, but it 
always took a google search to find the name of the application.  I just can't 
remember it.  Too much time takes place between the timie I use it and the 
time I need to use it again.  I love Jaunty and kde, so I suppose I can 
continue to live with the problem.  It is just that it has worked before.  Oh 
Well, as my grandbabies would say.

There are many times when the kubuntu name to identify an application is 
spelled different from what the function has as a common name.  It would be 
nice if there were a way to change the names of applications to their common 
function for memory weak people like me.  In time I learn them, but those that 
are not often used are always a great problem.  Konqueror instead of Conqueror 
requires having to learn a misspelling of a rather common word to remember 
what to type in or what to look for.  It is the wrong place on the alphabet.  
Same with Kmail.  It did not take too long for those name changes, because I 
use them so often, but the transition from Firefox to Konqueror took about 2 
years before I made the change, for the selfsame reason.  Kinfocenter is still 
a problem.  But if I could rename Kinfocenter to infocenter Kmail to email and 
the like, it would have made things a lot easier.  Still I like the new 
terminology, but the price to learn is a bit much the way it is.  Kpackagekit 
would be easier to remember if renamed package manager.  I don't think I will 
ever be able to remember ksnapshot, too much time takes place between use, and 
I always think in terms of print key.

Sorry to bend your ear so long, friend, but I thought this was perfect for the 
list.  I can't believe I am the only old guy fighting his memory, and adding a 
rename feature doesn't seem that difficult.

> Remember to save your changes before closing the menu editor.
> Best regards :o)
> Johnny :o)
Thanks Johnny :0), it is nice to hear from you.


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