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Johnny Ernst Nielsen j_e_n_pub at
Thu Jul 9 19:10:36 UTC 2009

Greetings Steven.

Torsdag den 9. juli 2009 kvad steven vollom:
> I just attempted to use my Print Screen Key.  I has worked fine in
> the past using Jaunty rc kde 64bit.  Nothing happens when I press
> the key on the keyboard.  Has this changed?  Is there a way to use
> the feature without using the keyboard key?  Thanks!

Press Alt+F2 and run ksnapshot.

If you want ksnapshot to start by pressing the Print Screen key you 
can set it up like this:

Right click the K menu button.
Choose to edit the menu.
Select ksnapshot under the Graphics section.
In the Advanced tab, you can assign whatever key you like to use to 
start ksnapshot.
Remember to save your changes before closing the menu editor.
Best regards :o)

Johnny :o)

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