Problem with Live CD.

Goh Lip g.lip at
Wed Jul 8 20:31:15 UTC 2009

steven vollom wrote:
  If I
> put koala on a separate HDD and saved its files to a separate and exclusive 
> partition, would it then be safe for me to take a look.
> It sounds terrific to me.  It sounds like it has solved lots of problems.

Steven, please stop. seriously. Karmic uses grub2 and
Grub2 have more problems with booting OS's from 2 separate HDD's.
Give it time. It will improve.

On a side note, I am appreciating Hardy on kde3.5.10 more.
Since I was planning to clear it later this year, I threw everything at 
it. Gee, it's solid. Everything works. I might keep it for keeps.

take care
goh lip

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