How do I install a .bin. I downloaded a Java plugin needed to run some tests by the isp.

Ric Moore wayward4now at
Sat Jan 31 21:24:23 UTC 2009

On Sat, 2009-01-31 at 03:22 -0500, Steven Vollom wrote:
> > Then there is one thing to consider, check out the LUG in the nearest
> > location, join their email list, if they have one and just describe your
> > condition and ask some one to come over sometime and help you with some
> > free lessons. I would bet you would get more than one taker and make
> > some friends. Make a batch of cookies. :)  Ric
> I feel pretty stupid again.  That is a great idea.  I guess I have gotten to 
> the point where I have to ask for help to get my food and medicine; I hate to 
> impose on others, but can't think of a way to avoid the problem and still eat 
> and get my medicine.  For a few months, my helpers have made me wait until I 
> was out of medicine for about 3 days; each time I feel in trouble by the time 
> I get the meds again.  Same with food, but that is a couple of weeks past 
> when I need to shop now.  Because of that, my impositions feel so great the 
> idea never occurred to me.  I will do that, though.  Computer people seem to 
> love it a lot, and I know I enjoy the conversation and the sometime help I am 
> able to give others, so maybe there is someone like me, who won't mind 
> spending a few hours now and then with me.  It sure would be great.  Thanks 
> for the great idea, Ric.

Dealing with isolation is a royal bitch. I know about that and
depression. Linux people are great, especially when they encounter
another who is isolated, we're geeks and can spend too much keyboard
time and forget how to relate to others. That's why I like user groups
and Lugs. While it may be a room full of geeks, at least you're not
alone and with people of like interests! I hope you have some strong
deadbolts though. Ric 

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