Last 100 changed files?

Derek Broughton derek at
Sat Jan 31 16:25:01 UTC 2009

Johnny Ernst Nielsen wrote:

>> Dotan Cohen wrote:
>> > Is there a way that a user can list the last 100 changed files in
>> > his home directory? I mean to do this _without_ resorting to the
>> > console? See the comments here for why I ask:
>> >
> lørdag den 31. Januar 2009 kvad Derek Broughton:
>> If you want to search on an entire filesystem there's kfind as Jonas
>> and Johnny suggest
> In KDE3 kfind can also search whatever folder one specify, as well as
> exclude or include sub folders beneath said folde, whatever the user
> likes.

Sure - it just doesn't seem that important to use it if all you want is to 
look at the contents of your home directory.
>> (though [kfind] isn't on _my_ KDE 4.1 menu, Johnny)
> I don't know about KDE4. That's why I specifically wrote KDE3 in my
> previous answer.

Ah... I mistook your comment as applying to specific versions, rather than 
Kubuntu vs "standard" KDE (is there really such a thing?)

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