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Johnny Ernst Nielsen j_e_n_pub at
Sat Jan 31 20:13:27 UTC 2009

Greetings Derek :o)

We're drifting...

lørdag den 31. Januar 2009 kvad Derek Broughton:
> >> If you want to search on an entire filesystem there's kfind as
> >> Jonas and Johnny suggest
> >
> > In KDE3 kfind can also search whatever folder one specify, as
> > well as exclude or include sub folders beneath said folde,
> > whatever the user likes.
> Sure - it just doesn't seem that important to use it if all you
> want is to look at the contents of your home directory.

While it may not be important to me or you, it may be important to the 
I just answer the OP's question as best I can. :o)

> >> (though [kfind] isn't on _my_ KDE 4.1 menu, Johnny)
> >
> > I don't know about KDE4. That's why I specifically wrote KDE3 in
> > my previous answer.
> Ah... I mistook your comment as applying to specific versions,
> rather than Kubuntu vs "standard" KDE (is there really such a
> thing?)

I would say that the KDE source package that is released from the KDE 
project, is considered "the standard KDE package", i.e. "vanilla 
I'm sure you know that different distributions then make more or less 
changes to KDE when they integrate KDE into their particular flavour 
of a distribution.
I simply recall a message on a list like this, helping a new user 
finding "the search application" in the menu of "vanilla KDE3", in 
the process telling that it was called kfind.

It was in the earlier KDE3 days, so I actually don't know if vanilla 
KDE 3.5.x still has kfind in the menu.

What KDE4 is like I have no idea, since I haven't used it yet.
(Plan to, though, when kubuntu 9.4 comes out :o))

Best regards

Johnny :o)

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