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Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Sat Jan 31 04:24:46 UTC 2009

> My
> almost 80 year old mother is one of them. BUT! She will ask me to search
> for things on the net, then I have to print them out and deliver them to
> her. Maybe she just wants more attention??

I am only 65, but I am not in perfect health and a shut in.  All my family is 
2400 miles from here, and the people I meet seem to like me and want to help 
me, but just because I am old.  I never have anyone to talk to.  People will 
help me get out to purchase something from time to time, but don't want to 
come in and spend any time with me.  I appreciate what they do, but I would 
rather just have company.  It gets so lonely.  If I didn't have the list, I 
would go crazy.  Inside I am about 30 outside I am abut 100.

If you love her, visit her.  That is what she wants most.  She is probably 
only about 30 on the inside too, regardless of her actual age.  It sounds 
like she is lonely too.

> But, find that local lug, I bet you'll find someone in your immediate
> neighborhood. 

The only one I had any conversation with that was friendly turned out to be a 
burglar.  He robbed me twice before he died.  The only other are a young 
group of homosexuals next door, and I don't feel comfortable with them.  They 
are nice, but talk about things that pretty much make me ill to hear.  I know 
they don't realize how some hetrosexuals feel.  I don't dislike them.  I 
don't feel superior.  I don't even judge them, it is just when they talk 
openly about the things they do and like to do, it just turns my stomach.  I 
can't help it.  

> I have lived in some pretty bad places in my time, last 
> thing I would do is let the local crackheads know that I have a bunch of
> computers. They wouldn't know an AMD64 system from a 486, they'd just
> steal it anyway. :) Ric

That is how it is here.  Every time I let a neighbor in to get something they 
need, like a tool or some milk or sugar, their eyes wander everywhere, not 
interested in what they are seeing, just shopping for when I am not at home.

Every contact so far has cost me something.  A camera, money, even a container 
of wood glue worth very little.  It is just that I have trouble getting out 
to get things, and I needed the wood glue he stole, and I had just set it 
down where I would not lose or misplace it, because I was on a project that 
needed it when he came over.  I turned my back for an instant, and when I 
looked bace it was gone.  Because I needed it so bad and would have so much 
difficulty getting another, that 59 cent loss made me so angry, it was hard 
to get over it.

Even a guy from the church who takes me to purchase food, steals food from me 
every time we go.  It is only between $15 and $30, but that is a lot when you 
are on my low pension.  Because of it, I have to eat mostly Top Ramen the 
last few days of the month.  It is so unbelievable, I am not able to cope or 
understand it.  I don't feel like a neighbor or friend, I feel like a victim. 
Oh well, I don't have to worry about it for long, I am nearing the end of my 
life.  With all this going on, I still love my life.  The List keeps me 
smiling.  I still love making art.  And, my long distance relationship could 
not be better.

Thanks for your kind help, friend.

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