A KDE equivalent to gnome-open

Constantinos Maltezos pandarsson at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 29 00:10:25 UTC 2009

On Tuesday 27 January 2009 10:21:19 pm Michael wrote:
> "If you want to open up a file or folder using the default application
> from your terminal in ubuntu
> (or any linux distrib using gnome), just use gnome-open. Like this:
> |gnome-open ~/docs/something.pdf|
> Gnome will use it’s file association tables to open it in the correct
> application, and you won’t have
> to worry about remembering what your pdf viewer is called."
> (Taken from
> http://www.davidbdean.com/2007/07/06/open-file-with-default-application-fro
> Does KDE have anything similar to this?
> Mike

First, I had never even considered there might be something like this.  I 
first considered kstart, which is a cool little program, but it doesn't do 
what you say.  So I looked at the KDE4 runtime package executables and 
found... (prepare to be shocked)... kde-open.  KDE3 has the same thing.  I 
tried it on a pdf file and it opened in Okular.

That is such a neat little thing and I had never heard of it.  Thank you for 
pointing it out to me.

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