HELP NEEDED - Kubuntu 8.04 will not boot to login screen. What do I do now???

Eberhard Roloff tuxebi at
Fri Jan 23 10:27:27 UTC 2009

Peter Williams wrote:
> Hello Ubuntu people,
> I urgently need help to fix my computer. I have previously had Kubuntu 
> 8.04 installed and it seemed to be working okay. Then I decided that I 
> did not want to use KDE 4 and only use the Gnome Desktop Manager with 
> KDE 3.5. I used the Synaptic Package Manager to remove much of the KDE 4 
> with the intention of keeping KDE 3.5 and using the Gnome Desktop Manager.
 > [...]
Hi Peter,

Try to login to the terminal with your username and password

Then get to be root
"sudo -i"
give your pasword, when asked for it.

Then start gdm

and see what happens. If gdm is missing, try
"apt-get install gdm"

you need to enter the commands given without the quotes.

finally, after gdm (or any other different displaymanager like kdm or 
xdm) is started you should see a graphical login screen a screen 7, 
which you can access via "ALT-F7" from the terminal that you are working 

I hope this works
Please report back, what happens, so we are able to investigate further.

Good luck

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