Free Downtown Dayton Internet service.

Eberhard Roloff tuxebi at
Thu Jan 22 07:34:30 UTC 2009

Matthew Flaschen wrote:

> Steven, this is off-topic.  However, you need a router with wireless
> bridge capabilities, like
> I'm sure there are cheaper ones; that's just an example.  The idea is
> that the router connects to the downtown wireless network, and your
> computer connects to the router by CAT-5/Ethernet cable.


for this, the router imho strictly does NOT have to act as a bridge.
The wireless end connects to the city network and the ethernet end is 
connected to Stevens' machines.
So the router needs to route from wirless to wired and vice versa, not 
to bridge anything.

I am using such a setup over here in germany and the WLan-Provider 
delivered my linksys wrt 54 router, which they beefed up with a special 
firmware for the prupose.

Kind regards

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