How do I unite cd1 to cd2? Is Kino the tool?

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Sun Jan 18 02:52:30 UTC 2009

> > I tried the GUI avidemux and I remember something that paused me.  I am
> > thinking that possibly the movie O Jerusalem may have been a .rar.
> No, I doubt that.  According to file (this program tells you what kind
> of file something is) they were both AVI movies.
Dear Matt,
I tried to find a tutorial to see how to work the avidemux gui.  I wasn't ablt 
to get an instruction that started at my level of understanding.  I tried all 
the options, I thought, but never could get to a place where I could combine 
the two files.

Here is what I did:

Open>File System>Media>sda7>Movies>O Jerusalem I.avi

I get Packed Bitstream detected
Do you want me to unpack it?
I clicked Yes.

A progress window opened.  When it closed, I got a black screen.  I clicked 
play and I got a memory-weak playing of the movie, so I closed all other 
activities.  It still was a little memory weak, but played with some 
stuttering of the sound.  At this point what do I do?  Or should I not have 
clicked on Play and clicked on something else?  Thanks!


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