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Wendell Cochran atrypa at
Fri Jan 16 17:09:05 UTC 2009

> I really believe if I knew what an exec command was all about, for
instance, I think I would progress.  What should I do? -- Steven

I think Steven is neglecting basics.

Many good tutorials & HOWTOs are easily found via Google.

List members who have helped Steven most can best recommend URLs
that best fit his needs. 


Meanwhile, consider a few little books:

Learning the UNIX Operating System
Jerry Peek et al.
4e 1998  O'Reilly
92 p.
(Later editions seem bloated.)

Linux Pocket Guide
Daniel J. Barrett
2004 O'Reilly
191 p.
(Slanted toward Fedora, but that can be ignored.)

Linux Phrasebook
Scott Granneman
2006 Sams
382 p.
(Examples throughout.)

Teach Yourself Linux
Robert Billing
2004 McGraw-Hill
187 p.
(Concise, practical, readable.)

(The order of titles is random.)

In this decade I've read each book four times -- in buses, barber
shops, waiting rooms, bed.  I'm still reading 'em, & I'm still

Roughly $10 each.

For the most titles, lowest prices, & best service (in my experience)

Wendell Cochran  
West Seattle

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