Is the list still functioning?

Mike Shaw mdshaw89 at
Thu Jan 15 20:31:12 UTC 2009

On Thu, Jan 15, 2009 at 3:26 PM, Steven Vollom
<stevenvollom at> wrote:
> I just rose from 7 hours of sleep on a weekday.  There were no messages on
> the 'List'.  I was worried that I either broke something in my computer or
> that something at the 'List' stopped working.  I hope everything is all
> right.
> I just got a reply from another forum that was an question from someone about
> a post made about a month ago.  They were having a similar problem and
> wondered if I had solved the problem.  I helped them the best I could and
> referred them to this forum when they had difficulties with Kubuntu.  I hope
> the 'List' is still working.  Losing this forum would be terrible.  It is the
> best source for help that exists for Kubuntu users.
> Steven
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Seems okay to me.


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