Hidden Memubar does not drop down when I put cursor in upper left corner. **RESOLVED**

Billie Walsh bilwalsh at swbell.net
Fri Jan 2 05:39:02 UTC 2009

Gene Heskett wrote:
> On Thursday 01 January 2009, Bruce Marshall wrote:
>> On Thursday 01 January 2009, Steven Vollom wrote:
>>> I will use alcohol unless you again reply.
>> You might do better with a soft pencil eraser.
> No!  Not no, but hell no!  Dry, the eraser can and will generate local static 
> charges of several thousand volts, further damaging the memory.  Simply 
> exercising the memory out of the socket and back in should take care of the 
> problem if indeed that is it.
> My experience comes from nearly 60 of my 74 years, chasing electrons for a 
> living.  I am a C.E.T. since 1972, and a broadcast engineer since 1964, and 
> have been making a living fixing electronics since about 1949.
> Yeah, now I'm a genuine old fart. :) Almost retired for several years, CE at 
> WDTV-5 from 1984 to mid 2002, and my phone still rings when TSHTF.  I'll 
> likely never be more than 'almost' retired till I fall over for good.  I have 
> no intention of doing that, but I'm also diabetic, which says I'm at a high 
> risk.

Ground yourself to the computer case before you handle the memory 
sticks. that's good advice. Do it again before you pop them back in. 
Avoid touching the connector strip when the sticks are out of the 
computer. That should take care of must issues

I like to take a small _SOFT_ bristle paint brush and brush out the 
sockets then blow out with a squirt or two from some canned air. Dust 
and lint can collect down in there. Usually unseating the memory and 
seating it back in will take care of cleaning the connectors. If they 
are discolored or corroded your probably better off replacing than 
trying to clean. This will probably mean the memory sockets on the 
mother board are bad also.

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