How to switch from gnome to kde?

Karl Klinger karlok at
Fri Jan 2 03:36:54 UTC 2009

Gene Heskett wrote:
> On Thursday 01 January 2009, Pastor JW wrote:
>> On Thursday 01 January 2009 4:10:00 pm Jonathan Jesse wrote:
>>> I think we are missing a bigger problem....  I think you mentioned X is
>>> not starting automatically?  Is that true?  Are you have video card issues
>>> that I may have missed earlier
>> Since it doesn't get to the login screen couldn't one just type kdm or gdm
>> directly into the terminal and see the errors which would cause it to fail?
> That I hadn't tried.  The too much forest & can't find the tree syndrome. :)  
> I'll do that tomorrow for grins.
The usual way to start kdm is "/etc/init.d/kdm start".  This script uses 
the start-stop-daemon command to start kdm.


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