Hidden Memubar does not drop down when I put cursor in upper left corner.

Gene Heskett gene.heskett at verizon.net
Fri Jan 2 02:44:27 UTC 2009

On Thursday 01 January 2009, Karl Klinger wrote:
>Karl Klinger wrote:
>> Steven Vollom wrote:
>>>> And with that, I can predict that your machine will never behave itself
>>>> until that is fixed, probably with good memory.  Sometimes dumpster
>>>> diving might find something usable?
>>> Does the memory have to be completely free from error to be acceptable?
>> Yes.
>> Karl
>I have read that memory problems may be due to poor connections between
>the memory slots and the memory modules.  You could try pulling out the
>memory, cleaning the connectors, and putting it back in.  This might
>save you having to buy new memory.

I hesitated to recommend that to Steve, not knowing if he is aware of the 
static control measures needed to handle memory.  In his case, rather than a 
complete removal, and then subjecting the edge connections on the memory to 
an un-known wiping medium, wet with a solvent, which in itself could generate 
some static just from mthe wiping action, I think I would simply remove and 
re-insert the memory, letting the wiping be done by the sockets contacts.

Steve:  The memory in most reasonably modern computers is on boards about an 
inch wide and nearly 6 inches long, and each memory socket has a (usually 
plastic) retainer latch at each end of the socket on the motherboard.  The 
latches open by pushing them out and down toward the motherboard, and will 
jack the memory loose in the sockets as they so move. Once the memory is 
jacked up, then reverse by pressing on the stick to push it back down in the 
socket, which will when they are properly seated again, raise those latches 
and cause them to engage the notches cut into the ends of the boards for that 
purpose.  And depending on the socket, it may take 10 pounds or so to push 
them back in.

For static control purposes, maintain hand or arm contact with the frame of 
the computer in order to be one with it in terms of voltage differentials 
such as one collects just walking across a rug or tile floor.  Those charges 
can reach several thousand volts, and 7 volts can blow some memory, so keep 
yourself in good physical contact with the frame while doing this.  It 
probably has 2 such sticks of memory in it, exercise both as described, then 
boot the memory tester program again and let it run for a few hours to see if 
the errors are still there.

Cheers, Gene
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