No sound, Kubuntu Intrepid KDE 4.2

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Mon Feb 23 22:08:50 GMT 2009

On Monday 23 February 2009 03:06:53 Dotan Cohen wrote:
> > Honestly, I've been losing sound in KDE 4.2 as well lately. Just in the
> > middle of doing various tasks, KDE will pop up a dialog saying that sound
> > components have been removed from the system. Reboots fix it, but it
> > happens randomly. Haven't cared enough to debug.
> What is "lately"? Did it start happening after an update / install?

Dotan, I don't remember that comment.  Is there a possibility that someone 
else entered the post to make that comment, or perhaps this is a response to 
someone else's similar post.


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