ktorrent problem

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at sbcglobal.net
Mon Feb 23 03:27:20 GMT 2009

Dear Matt,

I am a bit frustrated.  The download of Ktorrent appeared successful.  It 
finished with the term success.  In any event, when I went to the torrent site 
to download the file, I clicked on the download button; a window opened which 
gave me the option to Open the file, or Save File.  Save File has been default 
and I have always clicked on that choice.  When I did that in the past, a new 
window opened giving you the choice of downloading just the movie, or extras 
like pictures, text files and the such.  This window did not open.  It is after 
this window opens and you make your selections that you click OK, and the 
torrent opens in Ktorrent and the download begins.

Uninstalling then reinstalling seem to retain the configuration files, so I 
don't even have to reconfigure Ktorrent.  All settings are set up to function.  
It is only the missing window where you chose the items to download that is 
missing, and I don't think that is a part of configuration.  Anyway the program 
won't work.


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