Derek Broughton derek at
Sat Feb 21 18:22:59 GMT 2009

Neil Winchurst wrote:

> My sister in law is visiting next week. That's fine except that she
> thinks I am a bit weird because I use Linux instead of the other one.
> She regularly uses a webcam to chat to her daughter in California, so
> asks me why I can't do the same in Linux.

You can.  _Possibly_ you might not be able to do it with a built-in webcam.

> Well, I have never thought about it before, but now I am wondering what
> the situation is for us with Kubuntu Hardy. Anyone have any comments or
> recommendations etc?

My last laptop could only chat via ekiga (a gnome app) because that was all
that would support uvc video (at least afaik) in hardy.  I don't actually
use my webcams, because I don't have the bandwidth at home and anything
useful is blocked from work, but I did establish that many apps can use
webcams as long as the appropriate drivers exist.

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