Intrepid KDE 4.2 I am locked out of konsole and Adept. both say something is running, but isn't

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Wed Feb 18 01:39:26 GMT 2009

> Alternatively, in the KDE process monitor (or in konsole run "ps -aux"
> and) look for processes that shouldn't be running, like adept.  Kill
> them.  If you're in konsole "sudo kill -9 123344" will kill process
> 12344, so look for the process ID (PID) you want to kill and use that
> number instead.

I could see nothing in the list that had to do with Adept or Konsole?

I attempted to open a shell after a while.  The computer gave me some help, 
but when I did what it said, the screen returned to the Sun Java agreement.  
There is no place on the document to accept the agreement and no way to get 
out except Quit.  It is on the screen right now.  Any ideas?


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