My computer time and date in the bios don't agree with the time and date shown on my desktop.

Nils Kassube kassube at
Sun Feb 15 07:37:28 GMT 2009

Steven Vollom wrote:
> I misspoke.  I enabled the partition that I want to install intrepid. 
> When I partitioned the drive, I made a 14gb primary partition for the
> future installation of Intrepid.  Now that I am ready to install, I
> enabled the partition.  I used Kmenu>System
> Settings>Advanced>Disk&Filesystems to enable the partition.  

You don't need to "enable" a partition where you want to install a new OS. 
IMHO the wording of Disk&filesystems is a bit misleading here. If I didn't 
know what's going on inside the machine I would assume that enable/disable 
would mean switching on/off of the partiton with something like a power 
switch. However you can't switch a partition on/off - you can only switch 
disks on/off if they are external disks. Internal disks are always on 
while the power of the machine is on. So when you enabled it at 
Disk&filesystems you actually made an entry for your fstab and you 
mounted the partition to some directory (mount point).

Now, there is nothing wrong with "enabling" the partition in 
Disk&filesystems before you install a new OS. However, depending on the 
actual fstab entry it may not work after the installation. If the fstab 
entry uses the UUID of the disk, there will no longer be a partition with 
that UUID because during the installation the partition usually is 
formatted and gets a new UUID. If you want the partition to be available 
on your current Hardy system, I would suggest you enable it after you did 
the installation of Intrepid.

> When I 
> restarted the computer to have the 8.10 Intrepid 32 Bit install, the
> computer did not stop at the CD and install as intended. Yet the CD was
> set to boot first.

Like Norberto wrote already, you may need to press a key for a boot menu. 
On my machines it is F12 - and the BIOS tells me about the key while it 
is counting the RAM. Other than that, are you sure the CD works? Can you 
read the files on the CD with your Hardy system?

> Additionally, the Icon did not appear on the 
> Desktop like expected.

What icon did you expect?


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