a good desktop for kubuntu

Masood Ahmed masood.ahmed09 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 7 20:47:17 GMT 2009

On Sunday 08 February 2009 00:07:39 Patricia Wilson wrote:
> I have been asked to specify a good Intel/AMD desktop for Linux to be used
> for development work. Anyone know of any dogs or any really good systems? I
> am currently looking at a Dell Precision line which comes with Red Hat
> pre-installed. Anyone know of systems that can be ordered with Kubuntu
> installed?

Hello Patricia,

I always prefer building my desktops. If that is not an option you can go with 
Dell as they offer some flexibility.

As far as pre-installed kubuntu systems go, I am not aware of any, but any 
Ubuntu (or even any GNU/Linux) based system should be good.

Masood Ahmed
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