a good desktop for kubuntu

John Culleton john at wexfordpress.com
Sat Feb 7 21:02:46 GMT 2009

On Saturday 07 February 2009 13:37:39 Patricia Wilson wrote:
> I have been asked to specify a good Intel/AMD desktop for Linux to 
be used
> for development work. Anyone know of any dogs or any really good 
systems? I
> am currently looking at a Dell Precision line which comes with Red 
> pre-installed. Anyone know of systems that can be ordered with 
> installed?
> -- 
> Patricia Wilson
> Apache Junction, AZ
> Member NRA, ARRL

I just ordered a Systemax no OS desktop PC from Tiger Direct.  I think 
this is an older model. It costs $299 plus shipping. It has the 
INtel Celeron Dual Core E1200,
MSI G31M3-F motherboard (no longer manufactured)
250 GB SATA II drives (2)
20x DVD-RW
Gigabit LAN. 

Support comes direct from the manufacturer, not from Tiger Direct.  
Since Linux runs on almost anything I think I will do OK. 

A short anecdote. I bought my wife a refurbished HP laptop with Vista. 
I intended to downgrade (upgrade?) to Win XP but HP wouldn´t endorse 
this move because drivers may be missing. But I popped an old Knoppix 
disk in the optical drive and it fired right up.  

I´Il let you know how I make out with the Systemax box. 

John NO3Z

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