The Joys of 9.10

Chan Chung Hang Christopher christopher.chan at
Wed Dec 30 22:33:37 UTC 2009

Sherman Rogers wrote:
> So I upgraded my server to 9.10 after a good wait. It booted just fine
> but started acting weird after the desktop came up, thats when I found
> out how bad it was.
> I had lost eth0, usb, raid.

I do not understand why people would use Fedora or non-LTS Ubuntu as a 
server platform. They must love pain or fire-fighting. At least every 
six months they want some real big job to do. Really strange. I mean, I 
could not stand it even though 1) I had a mostly automated system in 
place for installing and configuration using pxe, kickstart and scripts 
and 2) I have zero data to preserve on the front line mail servers I 
maintained in a previous job.

> So here I am with out anyway to save off logs to show anyone.
> There seems to be a kernel bug or something to kill that many things.

What hardware are you using for your server? Have you tried turning off 
acpi or other stuff?

> Other than that my laptop just loves 9.10 everything works great.

Small comfort eh?

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