java/firefox works but "which java" returns nothing

Perry pwhite at
Fri Dec 25 16:38:49 UTC 2009


fresh install of karmic.
Installed FF from Tony's tip:
>Anyone who has found it difficult to get Firefox 3.5.x onto Kubuntu 8.04
>might want to try this. Add this to your sources:
>deb hardy main
>More info here:

installed java  jre1.6.0_17 from sun (bin auto extractible) in /usr/java
(no other java installed) is in:	 /usr/java/jre1.6.0_17/plugin/i386/ns7
made symlink to it in:	 /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins
*Firefox sees latest version of java and map24 has alternate window*

but: "which java" has no output and sudo update-alternatives --config java 
says: update-alternatives: error: pas d'alternatives pour java.
There is no "cup" icon and Konqueror cannot use java.

I know from previous attempts where prior java versions existed (installed via 
synaptic) that "which java" produces /usr/bin/java, which is a link pointing 
to: /etc/alternatives/java which in turn points to ...
I tried (on previous attempt) to mess with those links and got messages to the 
effect that I had manually modified things...I decided it was best to reinstall.

I also found out that /var/lib/dpkg/alternatives/java is a text file for 
alternatives java and this explains some versoin discrepancies I experienced.

There must be a proper way to let the system know where java resides, less 
messing again with symlinks. Perhaps something like update-alternatives --set 
(or --install?) but I'm unsure which and unsure about the proper syntax.

Anyone has advice on this?

Thanks in advance		Perry

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