USB drive prepared for installation of Kubuntu 9.10, but laptop does not boot from it.

Steve yorvik.ubunto at
Wed Dec 23 11:22:03 UTC 2009

On Wed, 23 Dec 2009 03:02:10 -0000, Jerry Lapham <rjlapham at>  

> On Tuesday 22 December 2009 06:13:50 pm Bas Roufs wrote:
>> Hello everybody
>> Today, I transferred a Kubuntu 9.10 i386 image file to a USB stick via
>> usb-creator-kde.  - From this stick, I am trying to install Kubuntu  
>> 9.10 at
>> a laptop, whose CD/ DVD combo drive does not work very well. Earlier,
>> several attempts to install Kubuntu from CD failed. Also the Knoppix CD
>>  does not work any more in this CD/ DVD combo drive. That's why, i am
>>  trying now to this USB stick. When checking the files at the USB stick  
>> via
>>  Dolphin, I see exactly the same files as those at the CD I used before.
>>  For the preparation of the USB drive, I have followed the instructions  
>> at
>>  this page:
>> The laptop is a Medion MD5400, produced in 1992. In it's BIOS, I have
>> selected 'removable drives'  as the first drives to boot from. However,  
>> the
>> laptop simply does not boot from it. The laptop boots from the HD,  
>> where I
>> installed Kubuntu 9.04. But already in the beginning, the following  
>> message
>> appears:
>> *GRUB loading, please wait....
>> Error 15.*
>> I do not manage to avoid 'Error 15' by booting the USB stick. After  
>> 'Error
>> 15' , everything simply stagnates, until I try to reboot via
>> Does anybody have a clue on how to get the laptop booting from the USB
>> stick?
> I've never heard of a BIOS that old that supported booting from a USB  
> drive.
> 	-Jerry
On some machines with out boot from Flash drives you can be made to boot  
if you select removable ZIP drive, if it’s available


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