How does one get a Thumbs.db file on an all Linux box?

Robert Evans neograven at
Mon Dec 21 05:46:51 UTC 2009

If it is a shared resource, another Windoze computer will leave it when it browses the folder if it's settings are set to save thunbnails.

On Monday 21 December 2009 12:29:13 am Jerry Lapham wrote:
> A Thumbs.db file just appeared on my data partition.  Properties shows the type 
> as OLE2 compound document storage.  Size is 6.0 KlB and Modified 10/06/09 
> although I never saw it until today.  Ownership is nobody, nogroup.
> I understand that a Thumbs.db file is used by Internet Explorer on XP and older 
> Windows boxes to store thumbnails, but this box has never had any version of 
> Windows on it.  This is Kubuntu 9.10 and I do have Wine installed but I've 
> never used the IE emulation.
> Any ideas?
> 	-Jerry

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