update notifier

Nigel Ridley nigel at prayingforisrael.net
Thu Dec 17 02:38:52 UTC 2009

Willy K. Hamra wrote:
> ok, so how do i completely, permanently disable this notifier thing? i
> want to completely disable any automatic updating to the apt cache. i
> already did "kdesudo software-properties-kde", and set it to never
> update, but the notifier still shows up, and i still see it updating.
> it's so buged up that i right click it, and it shows a dozen updates
> it's attempting, never finished any, and i always end up having to rune
> "sudo aptitude update" to fix the cache. basically, the *feature* is
> useless to me, i don't want it. can i remove it?
> thanks

When I did my clean install of 9.10, the first thing I did was to right click on the update 
notifier icon (on the task bar) and "Remove Update Notifier" - never seen it since.


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