installed a little kde, it switched to it on the reboot, and most stuff is missing, no access to a shell of any kind

Tom H tomh0665 at
Tue Dec 15 00:24:06 UTC 2009

>> But, now I have another problem.  I'm trying to install amanda, but no matter
>> what I do to the user amanda using vim to fix /etc/sudoers and /etc/group, I
>> cannot get into /home/amanda to actually do the installation, which for some
>> portions of it requires a real root account.  Whats the best way to  fix that
>> so I can actually do an 'su -'?

I know NOTHING about amanda but if you really need root to install it
and do not want to enable root, you can use "sudo su -" or "sudo -i"
and you will be root until you type "exit" or do "ctrl-d".

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