installed a little kde, it switched to it on the reboot, and most stuff is missing, no access to a shell of any kind

Goh Lip g.lip at
Tue Dec 15 00:14:18 UTC 2009

On 15/12/09 03:09, Gene Heskett wrote:
> On Monday 14 December 2009, Goh Lip wrote:

>> But you're still using the F10 grub set to sda, right?
> Yes, but except for booting F10, I'm using that special entry that gives
> core.img as the kernel to make the grub2 switch, works fine.

Okay, still seems like a roundabout way to boot to its own OS.

> But, now I have another problem.  I'm trying to install amanda, but no matter
> what I do to the user amanda using vim to fix /etc/sudoers and /etc/group, I
> cannot get into /home/amanda to actually do the installation, which for some
> portions of it requires a real root account.  Whats the best way to  fix that
> so I can actually do an 'su -'?

I had some advice on this when I messed up my hardy on a bad fstab line 
at Jaunty. Had not actually done it as I had reinstalled by then. I'll 
try to look it up.

> Likewise, and I haven't tried this yet, I want to do a "chown -R gene:gene"
> on a 2.6.32 kernel tree I've copied across, and then build and install it
> because there are sensor drivers for my hardware in it that are not in the
> default 2.6.31 kernels.  Its also already configured for all my hardware.
> Humm, that brings up ccache, is it available for the buntu's?  That will
> accelerate repeat builds by a factor of 20.

In fact, yes, Lucid has 2.6.32-7 upgraded to 3.6.32-8. and ubuntu 
package search turned up with ccache

> I am also looking to transfer my whole email setup across, which except for
> kmail itself here, it all runs as the user=me.  There are no doubt going to
> be roadblocks there that a sudo can't fix.  Once that is addressed, I can
> have my choices of mint8 or mandriva, and that is a good feeling.
> I know, lots of eclectic subject questions here.  Bear with me please because
> I really do want to get off this&^%)&^ fedora train.

Okay, have fun.

Goh Lip

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