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Perry pwhite at bluewin.ch
Thu Dec 10 17:51:34 UTC 2009

Le Thursday 10 December 2009 09:43:20 phil kemling, vous avez écrit (you 
wrote) :
> i am a nebie to linux runing ubuntu 9.10 kamaric on a dell optiplex with a
> wireless adapter i have it set up for three users with me having root
> comand
I'm not sure what that means. As your are the user having installed karmic you 
can "sudo" or "kdesudo"; and possibly the other accounts you installed are 
not part of the "sudoer" group. 
This shouldn't make any difference because your are not running as root (which 
is difficult in KUbuntu unless there philosophy has changed...I'm on "Hardy" 
and "Jaunty"). Unless you "sudo" your are just a normal user and your problem 
must have another cause.
> each one logs in to their own desktop to use and has been running 
> fine accept for the sound issues but my main problem tonight was when i
> logged into mine which is the main user it did not see my router but it
> would connect to others in the area instead.. the twist is when i logged
> into the other user accounts no problem connected right up auto so i am
> using my daughters account to send u this so i can fix my main account.. i
> hope someone can help me i am going to bed and will hope and pray it works
> for me tomorrow thanks if u can help me out.. :-} keep up the good work
> guys and girls..Phil
It appears you are not the only one having wireless problems in "karmic"
It is interresting to note that only the first account experiences this 
problem, and I would be curious to know if if works with an ethernet cable 
plugged in.
Now don't expect much info on this topic because I never had that problem and 
my machine is cabled to the router. I will follow this thread in the hope I 
can learn more when you report back how you solved it or when someone else 
gives you a more educated advice.
As a start I googled for "wireless karmic" and found this thread:
Can that help?
Unless you have other input from this list, try googling some more.

Cheers		Perry

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