Bugs and irritations

O. Sinclair o.sinclair at gmail.com
Thu Dec 10 08:24:51 UTC 2009

OK after some time with Karmic 9.10 as main system here some bugs and 

Openoffice major bug - kde filepicker overwrites existing file without 
any warning. Bug open in Launchpad marked "incomplete"?? What is 
incomplete about creating a document name it "whatever", save it. Close 
Openoffice, start it again and create a document, call it "whatever" and 
it overwrites the existing file without warning?
Renders the openoffice kde filepicker more or less useless.

Openoffice Java did not work until I did "sudo aptitude install 
openoffice.org" that pulled in a number of packages not in default 
installation. Meaning "wizards" do not work and that is irritating for 

Display Settings are not remembered at boot/reboot until you go to 
System Settings, Display. Again - explain that to Newbie and he/she says 
"que, every time I boot?".

Login KDM window: type wrong username or password and not so much as a 
hint that something was wrong. Just a "blink" and you can retype the 
username and password. No message such as "wrong password", "wrong 
username". Spent some time yesterday with a user that had forgotten a 
capital letter in her username.. had to boot into "recover mode" and 
check existing users to sort that. A userlist might be a good idea at login.

KPackagekit - try to explain to new users that they must know the name 
of any application to find/install it and not just check for say Games, 
Office or whatever.

Amarok2 - .... where do I start. Playlists: I can no longer just ask for 
50 random tracks from my collection but have to figure out a "criteria" 
for that first. I can no longer check for mp3 tags from internet for 
songs loaded without such. At least I have not yet figured out how. 
Those are the 2 biggest issues I think

On the up side: I really like KDE4 "overall" design and concept and am 
an avid Kubuntu user


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