Adventures in Kubuntu: A testimonial

Christopher Chan christopher.chan at
Tue Dec 8 02:42:28 UTC 2009

Hey Dotan,

Dotan Cohen wrote:
> This list is not a blog, David. If you would like to discuss one
> specific problem of the many that you had, then please start a thread
> on it. But this list is not the place to tell your Kubuntu-related
> stories.

I always thought that you were one of us and not one of 'them'. When did 
you join their circle?

But seriously, sound was a bit of a hack in Intrepid with KDE4. I would, 
from time to time, have to kill pulseaudio and start it to get sound 
working again.

At the moment, things are looking good with Jaunty but I rather give 
Nexenta or rather StormOS a shot and compile KDE there than upgrade to 
Karmic at the moment.

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