firefox, asound, and kubuntu

Jesus Arocho jesus_arocho at
Thu Dec 3 10:44:51 UTC 2009

On Thursday 03 December 2009 12:11:37 am Ric Moore wrote:

> It got removed in karmic. I saw the note in the karmic-devel list as it
> was decided and thus asoundconf-gtk became broken. So, you'll have to
> manually grab alsa-utils from a jaunty repo, open the file with
> something like mc to extract the missing /usr/bin/asoundconf file and
> install it. I did that and it worked. Then I got so fed up with karmic
> breaking things I needed I re-installed back to jaunty. Now everything
> works. Especially asoundconf-gtk which is one of the niftiest ways to
> control my audio source I've seen. Nice and clean, no huge bells and
> whistles. I like simple... Karmic ain't completely ready for prime time,
> IMHO. Ric

Realized this last night when I searched through the repositories.  I 
extracted a file but have not completed the install.  I go through this each 
major release; mostly as a means to troubleshoot before I upgrade the rest of 
the families systems.  My wife's laptop is still two versions behind because I 
fear something critical will not work.  Unfortunately we have gone from a dist 
that works to one with somewhat undependable releases.

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