FLAC files on Amarok (Georgi Kourtev)

Georgi Kourtev gkourtev at gmail.com
Thu Dec 3 08:56:57 UTC 2009

> No, that is highly unlikely, since Amarok doesn't handle sound
> directly, it lets Phonon do that. I have not seen such a behavior
> before anywhere, yours is truly unique.
> Please try if you can play any of those files with Dragonplayer, it
> uses Phonon exactly as Amarok does. This could help excluding a phonon
> problem. But still, I haven't seen that in any of the bug reports
> against Phonon neither.
> If it doesn't play with Dragonplayer, then maybe there is a problem with
>  xine.
Dragon player does the job fine. 
> I presume you have a normal Kubuntu installation (no pulseaudio, of
> course) and that you didn't change any of the default settings. Since
> FLAC support is installed by default in Kubuntu, there is really no
> reason why you wouldn't be able to play those.
Standard indeed, no changes in the defaults.

Today I had the idea to open a flac file from Amarok-->Play media. To my 
surprise, it worked!!!  So the real issue was, and still is, that in the 
playlists Amarok does not see the flacs (it says: AutorName, O tracks). This 
does not change even after reloading the list.  But I assume this is a 
different issue.... Any help on that?

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