ethernet connections in Karmic - how do I tame network manager?

Charles T. Bell cbell44 at
Tue Dec 1 22:32:36 GMT 2009

Lisi wrote:
> Can I just uninstall Network Manager (Network Mangler???) and create 
> an /etc/network/interfaces file?
> It isn't that it isn't connecting at all, it not connecting properly.
> Ping works - by IP and by URL.  (Once I have persuaded network manager to 
> start the connection. :-(  )
> IP address in browser works (after a fashion) for some sites but not for 
> others.
> URL in browser is completely non-functional.
> LinuxMint on this exact set-up was a disaster - but at least it connected 
> properly by DHCP.
> All help most gratefully received!!  (Honestly, Myriam - I really am 
> grateful - just very pushed for time on this particular job.)
> Lisi
Did you try running "dhclient" in a terminal?
Did you ping your router if you are connected to one?
If so, forget the question.

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