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Errol Sapir errol at tzora.co.il
Wed Aug 26 11:33:31 BST 2009

Kaj Haulrich wrote:
> On Wednesday 26 August 2009 10:15:27 Errol Sapir wrote:
> I have moved your reply to the correct position: below my reply to 
> your original question. Please do not top-post. It breaks the thread 
> and makes it very hard for eventual others to follow solutions.
> No offense intended, just list etiquette...
>  On Wednesday 26 August 2009 07:14:03 Errol Sapir wrote:
>>>> I have 2 computers using Kubuntu 9.04. My problem is with the
>>>> adobe flash on one computer. On the computer with KDE 4.2.2
>>>> flash works without a problem. This is a 32 bit installation.
>>>> The computer with KDE 4.3 refuses to "activate" flash. This is
>>>> a 64 bit installation Both computers were updated to use
>>>> Firefox 3.5. What happens (on the KDE 4.3 computer) is that I
>>>> install flashplayer 10, am informed that the flash was
>>>> installed correctly. When I reopen Firefox I still see the
>>>> "missing plugin" message that requests me to install Adobe
>>>> flash. I don't know if this is connected to the KDE 4.3
>>>> upgrade or to the fact that one computer is 64 bit and the
>>>> other 32 bit. On both computers I upgraded to Firefox 3.5 at
>>>> the same time, after I had updated to KDE 4.3 on the one
>>>> computer. I have tried many ways to install Flashplayer 10,
>>>> including various script written here:
>>>> http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/install-flash-10-ubuntu-linux-64
>>>> bit .html On both computers when using Firefox 3.1 I didn't
>>>> have a flash problem. There are two major differences between
>>>> the two computers which confound the problem for me.
>>>> 1. The problem computer is 64 bit
>>>> 2. The problem computer uses KDE 4.3
>>>> What can I do to try and solve this problem?
> Errol
> Kaj Haulrich answered: 
>>> I would try the following:
>>> Open dolphin and switch the 'split' option on.
>>> In the left pane, navigate to /etc/alternatives.
>>> In the right pane, navigate to /usr/lib/firefox/plugins
>>> Now, drag the file 'firefox-flashplugin' from the left pane to
>>> the right and select the option 'link here'. It should show up
>>> as 'flashplugin-alternative.so'.
>>> (It doesn't harm to do likewise with other
>>> 'plugins'-directories as well, like /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins)
>>> Restart firefox and enjoy - hopefully...
>>> (BTW: if you have Google Chrome installed, you'll need to
>>> manually create the 'plugins' directory in the chrome directory
>>> and proceed as described. Then, in the menu-editor add
>>> '--enable-plugins' to the command line).
> Errol replied:
>> Kaj
>> Thanks for the quick reply. I will try it when I get home and
>> report. By the way I just learned  another useful function from
>> you. I never knew about the split option in dolphin. :-[
>> Thanks for that as well.
>> Errol
> Your're welcome.  Of course you don't have to use dolphin to do 
> that. A much easier way is - as always - to use the command line:
> "sudo ln -s /etc/alternatives/firefox-flashplugin   
> /usr/lib/firefox/plugins/flashplugin-alternative.so" - all on one 
> line and without the quotes,of course.
> Kaj Haulrich.

No offense taken.
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