3G with knetworkmanager

Evandro Myller evandromyller at gmail.com
Thu Aug 20 06:21:44 BST 2009


depends on

I just ran a aptitude update some minutes ago and removed
plasma-widget-networkmanagement with aptitude. It also removed
plasma-widget-network-manager, saying it was broken and gave me a
"solution": install the gnome network manager applet and the mobile network
provider info:


As I did in Gnome a long time ago, I ran nm-applet; For my surprise, gnome
applets are now pretty integrated in KDE, with cool notifications and all
that stuff.

It's not connecting, though. After the connection was created I tried to
connect, the modem gives connected signal but nm-applet stays "connecting".
Well, falling back to pon/poff again. =P

Please let me know about any thoughts/news. =]

On Thu, Aug 20, 2009 at 1:37 AM, Michael Krueger
<mickrulist at voipfuture.com>wrote:

> Hi,
> I had somewhat similar problems. The issue is that there are multiple
> choices if
> you search with apt for networkmanager. For kde4 there seem to be two
> options.
> There is the "old" network manager for plasma called:
> plasma-widget-networkmanagement
> which I believe I had installed but caused the bahavior you describe,
> meaning it
> did not connect to any network. I was able to setup WLAN connections with
> it,
> but it would not talk to the networkmanager backend to actually establish a
> connection. Then I found the second choice which actually worked for me:
> plasma-widget-network-manager
> The knetworkmanager is uninstalled and not in use.
> This is in KDE 4.3. I'm not sure, maybe it was something else I did, but my
> best
> bet is that you scan the options made available by the package manager and
> verify what you have installed.
> Michael
> Evandro Myller schrieb:
> > Hello.
> >
> > I had to install KDE 3.5's knetworkmanager in my Kubuntu jaunty to get
> > 3G working, its native network manager didn't work for me. Months later,
> > after playing around with some PPAs, I found a new knetworkmanager (in
> > kubuntu-experimental PPA) and installed it.
> >
> > I got joyful like I've never been before: the new knetworkmanager worked
> > like a charm, and it was now integrated with KDE 4 network stuff. Some
> > upgradings later, it just stopped working and I have to fallback to
> > pon/poff to get the thing working. I'm on karmic now and it's still
> broken.
> >
> > Note: when KDE starts, it automatically connects using the
> > networkmanagement settings, but knetworkmanager stays like if it's
> > disconnected.
> >
> > Anyone got this problem too? Any workaround? Maybe there's a missing
> > package here, dunno.
> >
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