Cary Bielenberg cary at
Sun Aug 16 03:52:29 BST 2009

> i remember a time, a good old time in the past, when i have never
> heard of Steven. the list used to be a major source of information for
> me, i was still new to Linux back then. we used to talk and talk and
> talk, going OT was very frequent, and it was never frowned upon,
> everyone enjoyed it, since it was still Linux-related. it wasn't a
> geek conference, newbies were treated lovely.
> look at us now, more than half the emails are steven-related, those
> who have little time to contribute spend this time on steven, the
> threads that were not started by him, he'll HAVE to post something in
> them, and the whole thread goes to garbage afterwards. i feel like i'm
> watching a nursery here, you might have noticed how my contributions
> have been very rare in the past months, there's just nothing i feel
> worth talking about anymore, whatever happened to REAL computer users
> with REAL problems? we scared'em all away? tried googling random
> topics of the list? the results are ALL about steven, thanks to his
> mentioning of a million unrelated things in one email.
> well... sorry steven, i tried to help you a lot, i learned all i know
> because i HAD to after wrecking my uncle's computers every now and
> then, while i was too scared to admit. i worked days and nights
> reading every website, every book, every page of the windows xp help
> center, just to fix what i've wrecked. after 2 years of messing,
> wrecking, and fixing, i became a computer guru (however it's written
> :P)
> i remember clearly telling steven NOT to install from experimental
> repos, he insisted he wanted to, since it's not fun to be in a stable
> old system, and wants to try new things, well, he can try them by
> himself. it is very clearly noted everywhere, experimental software is
> NOT ppl requiring a stable system, what with those who CANT stand on a
> stable ground, and want to try a shaking one, i mean CMON, WTF???
> learn the basics, he'll say it's not fun, so what? you're not having
> fun, you want to take ours??
> learn the basics, enough said. i don't care how boring it is, if you
> can't walk, don't attempt running, and definitly don't ask us to take
> your hand and run you. we gice you the initial push, you continue on
> your own.
> you need to have some WITS.
> sorry to say it this meanly, but some of the copy/pasting you do from
> your shell is just plain stupid. you see the errors right in your
> face, and won't notice them, acknowledge them, stop by them, you just
> stupidly repaet same command over and over like a robot. i would
> understand if you're not a native english speaker, but hell, you are.
> and linux isn't exactly the cumbersome uber-geeky writer. i laugh at
> most of the error messages for their humour or delibrate
> unprofessionalism in them. and those who are not funny, are written
> very simply that even a child can get their meaning.
> not wanting to make this email any longer, Steven, go read! learn how
> to use a shell *professionally* before attempting ANY other program
> learning. once that done, i myself will examine you, and before that,
> pleeeeeease, leave us alone.
I thought creating a rule in my email to spam his emails would be a fix 
but unfortunately it only removes his posts & not the carnage left in 
his wake. Like the others I don't mind helping someone once, twice is a 
little bothersome three times makes them a DFU & as such should they 
should never play with development software.

2c Cary

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