20090807KL -- "Emergency" -- Lost File

Bruce MacArthur bmacasuru at fastmail.us
Sat Aug 8 21:47:21 BST 2009

On Friday 07 August 2009 23:41, Emil Payne wrote:
> Howard Coles Jr. wrote:
> > On Friday 07 August 2009 10:14:15 pm Bruce MacArthur wrote:
> >> Greetings --
> >>
> >> This message was previously posted to kdepim-users at kde.org.  In
> >> the absence of any reply just yet, I am posting to two
> >> also-applicable lists, namely kde-linux and kubuntu-users.
> >>
> >>
> >> I was on Kubuntu Jaunty, and editing an HTML file, using Kate.  A
> >> friend telephoned me with a question that required me to use
> >> VirtualBox --> Windows XP Pro --> Libronix (a Bible study
> >> application system).  I saved my work in Kate (as I frequently do
> >> anyway!) before I went to VirtualBox.  I needed to consult with
> >> another friend, and so left my computer for ten minutes or so.
> >>
> >> When I returned, my monitor was dark.  Usually this simply means
> >> that the screen-saver is working.  However, I was entirely unable
> >> to recover the display!  Although we have been having "electrical
> >> storms" in the past few days, there was no such problem in the
> >> area, and no other evidence of a power outage anywhere in the
> >> house.  In a few moments, seeing few alternatives, I powered the
> >> entire computer down brutally, and then rebooted.  When I opened
> >> the file that I had been editing in Kate, several VERY extensive
> >> pages of physical printed matter (that I had previously entered --
> >> and then saved, incrementally, several times) were no longer to be
> >> seen -- either via Konquorer or via Kate!!!
> >>
> >> Can anyone give me detailed directions for recovering a
> >> more-complete version of my HTML file under these peculiar
> >> circumstances?
> >
> > Look for a file in the same directory as the file you were editing,
> > that has a ~ at the end.  I know kwrite saves a copy as .bak, but
> > some times they do the ~ at the end as a working copy.  You may be
> > able to recover that.
> Also make sure you have hidden files turned on, because usually
> name.ext~ files are hidden.

Thank you, Emil.  I just plain LIKE to see ALL files ALL the time -- so 
I have "always" had the flag set to display "hidden" files.  Also, one 
of the nicest things about Kate (and KWrite, etc.) is that feature of 
automatically saving a backup.  Sadly, in this case, the subsequent 
backup files do not appear in Konquorer or in Dolphin or in any other 
tool that I am yet aware of!  Still, THANKS for a couple of good tips!

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