Pulseaudio and my sanity

Billie Erin Walsh bilwalsh at swbell.net
Wed Aug 5 13:53:30 BST 2009

Richard S. Crawford wrote:
> I've been fighting with the sound system on my Kubuntu 9.04 machine
> for several days now. Right now, the following works:
> 1. startup/shutdown music
> 2. Anything using the Xine engine (Amarok, Kaffeine, etc.)
> What doesn't work is everything else.
> It seems to me that any application that uses ALSA is simply not
> getting its sound through. I've tried everything at the "Pulse Audio
> Perfect Setup" located at:
> http://www.pulseaudio.org/wiki/PerfectSetup
> but this did not solve my problem.
> It seems to me that the ideal solution would be to dump Pulse Audio
> completely, but I'm not sure that can be done safely.
> Anyone have any suggestions?

Are you using Phonon (sp?)? To get sound to work reasonably I had to 
disable phonon and install Alsa. It's still no where near as good as it 
was in KDE 3.5.x but it at least works. It wouldn't work at all until I 
disabled phonon.

I get good sound from local sources but internet sources are sometimes 
very "choppy" [ and it isn't my connection - I've got a fire hose 
connection not a drip line. ]

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