Copy from Live CD application to system HDD?

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Sun Aug 2 21:40:05 BST 2009

Le Sunday 02 August 2009 15:40:34 Steven Vollom, vous avez écrit :
> Since my computer stopped functioning, I found the only way to use it was
> to work using my Live CD of Kubuntu Jaunty.  While in the Live CD
> application, I am having difficulty retaining important emails that contain
> help for the repair of my computer and want to move the information to a
> location on the broken part of the computer.  Each time I restart to try a
> suggested fix, I lose all my email records that were saved while on the
> Live CD session.  If the suggested fix doesn't work, when I restart with
> the Live CD again, it is like starting over, because I don't have the
> current help emails to refer to.
You can relax now, between your mail and this reply you got a few good tips 
concerning your mail in general and your mail in this list.
It may still be worh repeating John Vifian:
> I have not moved data using a terminal without help.  I am trying to move
> data from the /Document directory on the Live CD to a 'Document Directory'
> of the broken part of my computer.
I never tried to place anything in the live CD, didn't know it was even 
possible. Evidently nothing is written on the CD, but it is emulated on the 
computer memory, and valid for the session.
> I believe the location of the document I want to move is:
> /home/ubuntu/Documents/GohLip
This shouldn't be a matter of belief or faith, you can check and make it 
> i believe the location of where I want to copy it to is:
> /media/disk-1/steven/Documents
Look at the documents in there, and if they are familiar to you, copy there.
> I am not completely sure, because I mounted the partition as something
> else. This is how the computer identifies the location of where I want the
> document put while I am using the Live CD.
Now you need faith, well I mean you have to trust it.
> The choices of mounting points that are in the broken computer are as
> follows:
> /  represents the boot partition
> /home  is the mount point for my home directory and is located on its own
> HDD. It is also a place to store backed-up data as a secondary protection
> from data loss.  That way all data is stored on a separate partition from
> the OS and also saved on two separate HDD's.
Seems good enough.
> /home/svpersonal is the mount point for the partition that contains a
> partition which contains the OS and a partition called /svpersonal, and a
> partition for my backed-up data.  All my working data is kept in
> /svpersonal.
Not sure it makes sense, perhaps something to do with an extended partition 
(which to my knowledge does not get mounted) but contains "logical 
partitions" (hope it's the right word).   Now the OS, I belive, is mounted 
as / , or seen from the cd, as  /media/disk. 
Now I'm not sure whether you created and mounted a separate partition 
as /home, and created a subfolder /svpersonal (probably this), or whether you 
created a separate partition for your working data and mounted it 
as  /home/svpersonal (is it only possible? I never tried)
The big difference is that then your mails, addressbook and calendar, which 
reside within /home.kde, will be erased on reinstall.
But for the present point, copying something to your drive, all this is 
> I believe that the /svpersonal/steven/Documents folder is the location
> described above as /media/disk-1/steven/Documents. 
You'r probably right
> Since the computer 
> renamed the mount point, and because I am in the Live CD with limited
> function, I am not quite sure, but when I locate the above mentioned
> document in Dolphin and after pressing f4 to get a terminal, the terminal
> shows those addresses.
> A bit embarrassing, but I thought someone with my lack of understanding
> might learn from this, so I posted it rather than taking the less
> embarrassing way of getting my answer by contacting an expert off list.
> Steven
What is confusing is that in dolphin,  /media/disk-1/ shows all the system 
files (bin,boot,...) and even an empty home, absolutely not real, those files 
are not on this partition(IMHO), the only thing real thing there is your 
personal stuff  hidden under steven. /media/disk, (or /) for the system files 
looks just the same, but without the /steven folder.

Cheers		Perry

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