Switching off all ound notifications

marc gmane at auxbuss.com
Thu Apr 30 22:26:48 UTC 2009

Clay Weber said:

> On Thursday 30 April 2009 6:06:00 pm marc wrote:
>> It used to be possible to switch off all sound notifications in a
>> single click. I can't find where to do this now. Anyone know? Thanks.
>> --
>> Best,
>> Marc
> Try System Settings / Notifications / Player Settings and check "no
> audio output"
> That , um, sounds like that is what you are looking for

Ah, I thought that was for all audio, not just notifications.

However, it doesn't work for gnome apps (in Kubuntu), which continue 
peeping and pinging and burbling every time you hit a button. And, of 
course, the apps themselves don't have their own audio controls; I know 
not why, I really don't.

It's ironic that in attempting to dumb things down - which they no doubt 
label as "simpler" - the powers that be are slowly turning things into a 
morass of confusion. The optimist in me says that they'll all play 
together one day, but looking over my shoulder, I just know that once 
they do, they'll find an excuse to tear it all down and rewrite it again. 

Hopefully, by then, they'll have attended 101 software refactoring and 
know how to do the job properly. 

This audio and notification nonsense is silly beyond words.


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