USB Memory Stick not Automounting (or manually mounting)

Alan Dacey GrokIt at
Thu Apr 30 19:39:18 UTC 2009

Rick Knight wrote:
> Rick Knight wrote:
>> Due to a hard drive crash, I've had to re-install Kubuntu 8.04 to a bare 
>> drive. Everything is working so far except that I cannot get my USB 
>> Memory Sticks to automount, nor am I able to mount them manually. I've 
>> installed autofs but that didn't help. I've run "sudo tail -f 
>> /var/log/messages" and watched the output while inserting the Memory 
>> Stick, but there is no response. This has always just worked in the past 
>> so I'm not sure what to do to fix the problem. Anyone able to offer any 
>> help?
>> Thanks,
>> Rick
> Can someone please help me with this? I am unable to access anything on 
> USB memory sticks.
> Thanks,
> Rick

Is libusb installed?  Do your CD's auto-mount?
Do you have any other partitions that are not mounted in /etc/fstab?  If so, can 
you see them in the system area in Dolph3n?


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