Flash and Linux

Nigel Ridley nigel at prayingforisrael.net
Wed Apr 29 04:19:57 UTC 2009

Nigel Ridley wrote:
> There seems to be a general problem with Flash and Linux. There are some websites that have an 
> abundance of Flash content and Linux can't seem to handle it well. I mean that when viewing these 
> websites suddenly the processor[s] jump to around 99%, the temp. rise dramatically, the fans 
> works overtime and the website slows to a crawl. This is compounded when more than one tab is 
> opened from the same website. As an example here is a example website (it is a fishing tackle 
> online shop):
> http://www.lakerda.co.il/
> The only way that I was able to navigate said website was to open it in Opera and 'Disable Plug-ins'.
> Any thoughts?
> Blessings,
> Nigel

Thanks to everyone that replied. There were various suggestions and I eventually disabled the 
Flash content using Adblock-Plus. I can now browse said website (http://www.lakerda.co.il/) and 
open multiple tabs without my laptop overheating.

Just to remind folks that the main problem is that Linux and Flash cannot deal with websites that 
have tons of Flash content. One webpage maybe, but open several tabs in whatever browser and very 
quickly thing start to get very hot and the processor[s] are maxed out.
This *does not* happen with WinXP and IE7. I tried the same website at my wifes office and opened 
multiple tabs from http://www.lakerda.co.il/ and XP didn't even break a sweat. So why can't Linux 
handle Flash content in the same manner? Is it Linux or the Linux version of Flash? Either way 
it's not very acceptable to have to install an add-on just so that we Linux users can browse 
certain websites and have multiple tabs open.

The problem is *not* the webmasters of these sites - why shouldn't they try to earn more income 
from [annoying pesky] Flash adverts? If it works flawlessly on Windows then it proves that it 
does work and they can keep earning their 'click-throughs'.

I also want to be able to browse websites without *having to* use blocking software. I actually 
want to see relative adverts - it helps me to be better informed about other products that might 
be better suited to my needs. As a point in case I have been searching for 'the ultimate fishing 
lure'. I don't have money to waste and these thing don't come cheap, so what's wrong with being 
able to see, and click on, ads that will help me with my choosing a suitable product?
If it works flawlessly on that other OS, then I don't see why it can't work flawlessly on Linux!

Give me some contact links/addresses for the Linux Flash devs (I did Google but came up empty) 
and I will write and try to do my community bit....



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